AccuMax Quantum Convertible Bariatric



The AccuMax Quantum Convertible Bariatric Mattress System provides vital low pressure therapy specifically designed for obese patients up to and including 362kg. By incorporating a series of horizontally orientated air sectors along with patient pending Controlled Release Technology™, the AccuMax Quantum Convertible Bariatrics offer cost effective pressure reduction for prevention of skin breakdown for the heavier patient.

Our Exclusive Hypolex Top Cover

Uniquely constructed to meet our rigid standards, the Hypolex Top Cover offers both waterproof characteristics and very low MVT. It has a very low shear and friction top layer for added protection.

Protected with an anti-microbial agent to inhibit bacterial growth, the Hypolex Material is both durable and stain resistant. It has a top protective later of DuPont® Teflon®. Easy to clean, it is designed to provide protection for the life of the air mattress.

The Comfort Engineered Topper System

The AccuMax Quantum Convertible hand-crafted topper offers patients an extemely comfortable surface. Consisting of multiple layers of densified poly fibre, with two layers of state of the art co-polymer, the topper allows the patient to be fully immersed into the AccuMax air sectors.

The AccuMax Quantum Convertible Bariatric Air Sectors

Consisting of a series of horizontally oriented air sectors, arranged into five anatomical zones, the AccuMax Quantum Convertible Bariatric inner core provides vital low-pressure therapy. Patent pending Controlled Release Technology, plus the air sectors’ low friction nylon outer covering allows the system to react quickly to any level of patient movement or repositioning.

The AccuMax Quantum Convertible Bariatric design has two separate air sector cylinders in the heel section along with our patented Heel Pillow. This unique design also includes a gentle heel slope to provide low interface pressures for the lower legs and heels.

The Bottom Cover

The durable bottom cover consists of a tough, flame retardant vinyl that is both waterproof and anti-bacterial. It includes a 360º zipper for easy access to the air sectors. The bottom covers also come equipped with Linen Lock™ Sheet Hold-down System to hold flat sheets in place. It has four (4) handles for easier portability of the mattress.

The Alternating Low Pressure

The AccuMax Quantum Convertible Bariatric Mattress may be ordered with an optional Control Unit (pump) for low alternating low pressure. In seconds, this quiet, compact control unit can be attached to add clinically proven therapy.


The Top / Bottom Cover

The loose, billowy Hypolex Top Cover system has an extremely low Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate (MVTR).

  • Flame retardant, anti-microbial and liquid resistant

The bottom cover is tough, flame retardant vinyl that is waterproof and anti-bacterial. It includes 360º zipper for easy access to the foam core.

  • Includes patented Linen Lock Sheet Hold Down System to keep flat sheets in place
  • Includes four (4) handles for increased portability of the mattress

The Topper

A layer of protection that provides unmatched comfort and additional weight disperement

  • Multi-layered FiberFill construction
  • Includes additional layer in the trochanter region
  • Quilted for added comfort
  • Dual IFD co-polymer layer for added comfort and protection
  • SuperSoft section for the heels and lower legs

The Patent Pending Air Sectors

The AccuMax Quantum Bariatric models contain an anatomically inspired arrangement of horizontally oriented air sectors that more evenly distribute the patient’s weight providing low interface


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