AccuMax Quantum TS

pressure-reduction-mattressesGentle Turn-Support Therapy for Immobile Patients

The AccuMax Quantum Turn Support provides an additional level of care that helps to combat the effects of prolonged immobility. In seconds the AccuMax Quantum Convertible TS can easily be converted to provide either alternating low pressure or vital turn support therapy.

The System Dynamics

By incorporating a safe and reliable turning system to our existing AccuMax Quantum Systems, caregivers now have a choice between two vital therapies that can assist in patient healing.

Easy Access Airports

Two simple “clicks” of the connecting hoses make the difference between the therapeutic effects of alternating pressure or the benefits of moderate patient rotation. The easy-to-use control unit activates either therapy at the touch of a button.

The Patent Pending “Centre Assist” Feature

AccuMax-Quantum-TSOnly the AccuMax Quantum TS comes equipped with the exclusive “Centre Assist” feature that helps keep the patient centred on the therapeutic surface. Most mattress-based rotational systems do not have an answer to the challenge of migration toward the sides of the mattress during rotation. The “Centre Assist” feature allows for the maximum angle of rotation while ensuring safety by helping to prevent patients from getting trapped against the side rails.

The Unique Safety Features of the TS Systems

The AccuMax TS comes equipped with a variety of features to protect your patient.

First, if there is an interruption of power the AccuMax TS begins a slow transition into a neutral (level) position. This eliminates the possibility of your patient lying in a compromised position for an extended period of time.

Second, once in that neutral position, your patient is protected by lying on the clinically proven, non-powered AccuMax Quantum surface. Your patient is never in any danger or high level of risk because of a power loss.

Third, in addition to the Centre Assist feature, the AccuMax TS includes bolstered side rails to help prevent entrapment and accidental falls.

topcover-accumax-tsTop Cover  Assembly with TS Airport

  • A conveniently placed access port to allow quick and easy connection to the control unit
  • Protective flap to prevent ingress of fluids or other contamination

Differentiating Top Cover and Colour

  • Reminds staff of the existence of a Turn Support Therapy System on their unit
  • Easily distinguishable from regular air mattresses

Add Turn Support Therapy to your Existing AccuMax Quantum System

For current  AccuMax  Quantum  users, the Turn Support RetroFit System provides  vital  turn support therapy. A quick, simple  conversion  enables  your facility  to upgrade  your  existing  AccuMax  Quantum units with  our  newest product  technology  and  save thousands of dollars  in  the process.


The “Adaptable” Premium Control Unit

When connected for alternating pressure, the soft/firm adjustment knob allows the caregiver to dial in individual preferences for mattress firmnesss during the alternating pressure cycle.

When the air tubes are attached for turn support therapy, the same control unit then controls the angle of rotation. The AccuMax TS can provide a maximum rotation angle of approximately 25º in each direction when set to the firmest setting on the comfort control dial.

The control unit also provides a “Maximum Inflate” feature to firm up and equalize the overall mattress pressure at any time during the rotation or alternating cycles. At the touch of a button the system will enter into a level position to facilitate ingress/egress, dressing changes and patient positioning.

For added protection the “Maximum Inflate” feature automatically deactivates in approximately 20 minutes.

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