MaxiGuard PRS

Maxiguard-PRSMany times high-risk patients can become disoriented and endanger themselves by coming too close to the sides of their mattress. Today, in many long term care facilities, bed rails longer be used, which only compounds this danger.

MaxiGuard Patient Remainder System

The New MaxiGuard Patient Remainder System incorporates raised and contoured side bolsters to reduce the risk of patients inadvertently falling out of bed. The MaxiGuard PRS is the only system which employs the time-tested and clinically proven floatation technology exlcusive to MaxiFloat and BG Industries.

The Unique Perimeter Boundary

maxiguard-perimeter-boundaryBy employing a high density foam boundary that is bonded not only to the sides of the mattress but to the bottom surface, the PRS helps keep your patient centered on the therapeutic laying surface.

Even in acute care facilities, the PRS can serve as a gentle remidner to your patients when they may be nearing the hard unforgiving side rails attached to the bed frame.

Now both patients and caregivers can “rest” assured knowing that pqotentially dangerous falls or compromised patient positions between the hospital air mattress and bed rails can be minimised.

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