Mental Health Pressure Redistribution Foam Mattress

Our economical low pressure mental health mattress offers high levels of comfort and support for patients in an at risk situation.

Protex Top Cover

The Protex Top Cover is a low friction and low shear nylon that is the patient’s first line of defence against skin breakdown. It is waterproof, anti-microbial and flame retardant. The Top Cover also offers very low Moisture Vapour Transmission Rates (MVTR) to protect the inner foam core and that being otherwise a further primary source of infection.

The Inner Foam Core

Consisting of long lasting, quality High Density (HD) Foam, the Sexton Mental Health Mattress has anatomically inspired contour cuts throughout the length of the mattress to provide a comfortable therapeutic surface for at risk patients.

The result is a support surface that offers vast levels of improvement in skin integrity. The Sexton Mental Health Mattress virtually eliminates the need for static overlays and will provide hours of restful and therapeutic sleep.

The Durable Bottom Cover

The 11 oz. Bottom Cover is a vinyl material designed to hold up to the challenges, and it is also flame retardant, and waterproof. Sewn to top cover with inside seams and French closure; welded vents.

Flammability Standards

The Sexton Mental Health Mattress meets CE Standards, US Federal Flammability Standards and optionally BS 6807 Source 5 (Crib 5).

Cleaning / Infection Control

Wipe down cover with soap and water. Complete cleaning instructions available upon request.

Ordering Information

Description Sizes (inches) Sizes (centimetres)
Sexton Mental Health with Protex Top Cover 35 x 75 x 6” 89 x 190 x 15cm
French Seams & Air Vents 35 x 75 x 6” 89 x 190 x 15cm
35 x 80 x 6” 89 x 203 x 15cm


This Warranty applies only to defects in structure, workmanship, and materials and only to damages arising from normal hospital usage for two (2) years, with one (1) year non-prorated from date of purchase. Damages arising from abnormal use such as needle punctures, burns, chemicals, negligent use and improper care or cleaning are excluded from coverage.

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