The Mighty Max Bariatric Mattress

The Mighty Max Bariatric Mattress

The Mighty Max Bariatric MattressThe Mighty Max Bariatric pressure reduction mattress is specificaly designed to meet the special challenges that are present with patients that weigh up to 750lbs. Our design incorporates four layers of foam with progressive densities and pressure reducing properties, so that our Mighty Max bariatric mattresses are correct for your heavier patients.

The Pressure Reducing Bariatric Alternating Pressure Mattress Foam Core

The unique, anatomically designed, inner foam core provides very low interface pressure readings and support for Bariatric patients. Four layers of foam, two of which are contour cut, provide a low pressure environment under very challenging circumstances.

The Top Layer

The uppermost layer of the Mighty Max is contour cut Visco Elastic (VE) Foam that provides support and comfort. By providing more foam beneath the heavier parts of the body, the VE foam more readily conforms to the body than regular foams for greater comfort and increased stability where needed most.

The Second Layer

Also contour cut, the second layer consists of a higher density high resiliency (HR) foam  with a higher IFD for increased support and protection.

The Third Layer

The third layer of foam offers a much more substantial  IFD rating to assure caregivers that patients are not bottoming out. No product can provide low interface pressure readings if patients sink to far down and compress the laying surface. The substantial third layer meets this challenge without compromising the low-pressure therapy.

The Fourth Layer

With even higher IFD ratings the fourth layer of foam offers additional protection for patients and provides a sturdy foundation for any Bariatric bed frame design.

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