AccuMax Quantum PC

The Dual IFD Topper

The AccuMax Quantum PC comes equipped with a very comfortable co-polymer topper. The unique construction includes a dual IFD lower layer with a super soft section for the heels. It also includes an upper layer of sculpted co-polymer for additional comfort.



  • Dual IFD Foam Topper with upper layer of sculpted, super soft Co-Polymer
  • 8 horizontally oriented nylon covered air sectors
  • Controlled Release valve system
  • 6 anatomically inspired pressure relief zones
  • Hypolex top cover
  • Patented Heel Pillow with heel slope
  • Heavy duty bottom cover
  • Firm side rails for stability during ingress/egress
  • Double reinforced handles
  • Patented Linen Locks
  • Airport for control unit attachment
accumax-pump without-pump
With or without a pump

Patented Heel Pillow

‘The exclusive BG Industries’ Heel Pillow significantly reduces interface pressure in the sensitive heel area. The patented multi-density and multi-layered design provides long lasting therapy that far exceeds any single layer pillow. It requires no removal or reconfiguration of parts to deliver optimal results.*U.S. Patent 5,398,354.

The Anatomical Difference

The AccuMax Quantum’s anatomically zoned design also includes a gentle heel slope. Heel Gradient Technology provides low interface pressure readings in the lower legs and heels for added protection.

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