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serene mattresses - alternating air pressure mattressSerene Mattress (Alternating Care Mattress) – True Low Air Loss & Alternating Air Pressure Redistribution Mattress System

Dual Modes – The Ultimate Solution

Antimicrobial Protection via APEX Silver+ Stretch Cover

Infection in a pressure ulcer can delay healing and may lead to other complications of pressure ulcers including pain, depression and death. Apex has carefully listened to the challenges posed by medical care environments, and proposes the new Silver+ Stretch cover. The cover is vapour permeable and water resistant and is working effectively against MRSA with its permanently silver-ion treated fabric.

It kills 99.5% of the germs even after 40 cycles of high temperature washing (95). The cover has passed cytotoxicity, irritation and sensitisation tests. It also conforms to BS 7175, source 5 for the high flame retardant standard. The Silver+ Stretch cover reduces the bioburden in the patient’s environment, and helps with the cross-infection control.


True low air loss and alternating replacement system

SERENE mattress system is a low air loss system that combines true low air loss and dynamic alternating pressure together. Patients no longer have to sacrifice one therapy for another.

With large air flow and a moisture vapour permeable Silver+ Stretch cover, the system can reduce the risk of infection and prevent maceration and moisture build-up, ensuring a patient will receive comfortable and high quality nursing care. SERENE has user-friendly controls, with quick and easy set-up, which makes the system ideal for use in the institutional and home environments.


serene-static-modeStatic mode

Pressure redistribution through process of immersion. Redistributing body mass over a greater surface with pressure lower than alternating mode.

serene-alternating-modeAlternating mode

Avoids long term pressurisation. 1-in-2 alternating cell cycle achieves periodic pressure relief.

serene-pulsation-modePulsation mode

Encourages body circulation. Periodically increases and decreases the whole mattress every 15 seconds to encourage lymph and blood flow for increased oxygenation.

serene-seat-inflate-mode-static-modeSeat inflate mode + static mode

For stable support in seating position. Support with additional pressure to redistribute pressure
centralised at sacrum area and avoid excessive sinking while sitting.


Pump Dimension 31.2 x 26 x 16cm
Weight 5kg
Case material Flame retardant ABS
Supply voltage AC 230V / 50Hz; 120V / 60Hz
Operating cycle 5, 10, 15, 20 minutes (selectable)
Mattress 8″ (20cm) overlay + 4″ (10cm foam pocket)
Dimension 200 x 90 x 20.3 cm
Cell height 20 x 8″ (20cm) cells
Weight 7.5kg
Cover material Silver 2-directional stretch
Cell material Nylon / TPU
Maximum patient weight 180kg (alternate mode) / 200kg (static mode)
  • serene-carry-bagOptional 2-directional stretch cover is also available.
  • The airflow output may vary slightly due to different electrical voltage and frequency.
  • A handy carry bag is provided with each system.


Adjustable alternating pressure mattress system

The system achieves periodic pressure removal by deflating half of the air cells, to mimic the change of position or posture. The effect causes the blood vessels to open fully rather than half close, and thus virtually guarantees blood flow. With a 1- in – 2 cell cycle, such sufficiently long period of pressure relief allows tissue oxygen to recover to the ‘normal’ level.


‘TRUE’ low air loss

The system attempts to address the areas of high contact pressure, such as those of bony prominences, by redistributing the body mass over a greater surface area. As the therapeutic support surface is softened and more of the body comes into contact, the mass is redistributed more evenly, resulting in a decrease in contact pressure.

Male/180cm/70kg Interface pressure profiles generated in different modes on APEX SERENE

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